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About Us ...

Our full range of interior design services include:


Traditional Interior Design – Whether an apartment in New York City, a living room in Short Hills, NJ, a condo lobby or an office suite, we will design an elegant and beautiful space.  Cori Thune Interiors proffers professional design presentations including AutoCAD floor plans and elevations, 3D design, materials boards, and hand-drawn renderings.  We will source the furniture, fixtures, lighting and fabrics to fit into an overall design scheme. We will finish the project by adding the perfect accessories and final touches.


Space Planning – “What size table should I get?”  “How large can the television be?”  “Will an 8 foot sofa fit in here?”  “How many desks can I fit into this work space?”  These questions can be answered before you make a costly mistake.  Cori Thune Interiors will measure and draw up floor plans and will work with you to determine the best space plan for your individual or company needs.  


Color Consultation – Ours is a world of color.  We can help find the perfect shade of white or design a room around the blue in the glass vase that you love.  


Organization – Which part of your world is the scary part? Is it the closets, or the desk, or the photographs or the kitchen?  We can add order, organization and harmony to your world simply by finding the perfect place to put all of your stuff.


“Rapid Re-Dos” -- Sometimes you cannot see the beauty of what is right in front of your face.  A fresh eye can help transform a room by rearranging the furniture or re-hanging the artwork or adding the one intriguing element to revitalize your space.    


Project Management – Cori Thune Interiors offers professional project management including complete oversight of projects, assistance in hiring contractors and other professionals, preparation of budgets and schedules, and coordination between the many service professionals who will be working on your home, office or building. 


Mural Painting for Children’s Rooms – If you can imagine it, Cori Thune Interiors can paint it.  Create a wholly unique and personalized environment for your child’s room.

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